Recommended Resources for Those Living with Pain

We’ve compiled a list of books, videos, webinars, and other great resources to provide you with the best information on pain management. You may also want to read the Pain BC Patient Brochure.


Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain

90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain - by Dr. Mike Evans

DeGroote PainHQ

DeGroote PainHQ, from McMaster University, is an online resource for individuals living with neuropathic pain. PainHQ provides access to high quality, evidence-based resources; browse through the knowledge base, personal stories, e-learning videos, webinars and expert blogs for a range of information about neuropathic pain conditions and the different treatments available.

Groups and Associations

Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability's (CIRPD)

Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability's (CIRPD)

There is a wealth of high quality research on chronic pain. However, there is typically a 10-year gap between what is known from the research and what is done in policy, training, practice and public education. A primary goal of CIRPD is to reduce this gap and to facilitate the translation of current research into practical information to support its rapid mobilization.
The video library offers a variety of chronic pain resources.

Pain Maps

Pain Maps is a resource center and guide for anyone who has experienced nerve pain and in particular, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) – otherwise known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Its focus is on alternative ways of thinking about pain, and an approach to healing that relies on a basic understanding of how it works. In support of self education and initiative, Pain Maps will endeavor to offer material, sources and ideas that enable drug-free options to pain reduction where possible, while advocating for, and drawing on the wisdom of, pain sufferers in general – all of whom have something to offer regardless of their chosen path.

painAction Logo


The goal of painACTION is to help people improve their self-management skills. Written with the help of health educators, pain experts, and people dealing with pain, this site is a resource to come back to repeatedly, to track the occurrence of pain as well as to learn more.

Persistent Cardiac Pain Resource Centre

Persistent forms of cardiac pain are debilitating and require an understanding of the interplay of ischemic, metabolic, and neuropathophysiologic mechanisms contributing to these clinical problems. This resource centre is designed to bring attention to persistent and painful problems in the care of cardiac patients ranging from those that are predominantly of ischemic origin to those where neuropathophysiological processes may be primarily responsible for the genesis of the cardiac pain.

Quebec Association for Chronic Pain

The Association québécoise de la douleur chronique (AQDC) (Quebec Association for Chronic Pain) has a mission to improve the condition of people suffering from chronic pain in Quebec and reduce their isolation. The AQDC has operated a website since 2005. More than 1.5 million pages on its website are now consulted each year. Resources are available in both French and English.

Transitions - Live Well With Pain Logo

Transitions - Living Well with Chronic Pain

Sponsored by the Canadian Pain Coalition, the living well with pain website offers videos and tools to help you live as well as you can with persistent pain.


Break Through Pain: How to Relieve Pain Using Powerful Meditation Techniques

Young, Shinzen

Understand Pain, Live Well Again (CD-ROM/Book)

Pearson, Neil

Full Catastrophe Living

Kabat-Zinn, Jon

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Lorig, Kate; Homan, Halsted; Sobel, David and McGowan, Patrick et al.

Living Beyond Your Pain: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Ease Chronic Pain

Dahl, J. and Lundgren, T.

Managing Pain Before It Manages You: Fourth Edition

Caudill, Margaret

Manage Your Pain

Nicholas, Michael

The Brain That Changes Itself

Doidge, Norman

The Chronic Pain Control Workbook

Hardin, Kimeron N and Catalano, Ellen M.

The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation

Levey, Joel and Michelle

The Pain Relief Handbook

Wells, Dr. Chris; Nowin, Graham and Melzack, Dr. Ronald

The Pain Survival Guide - How to Reclaim Your Life

Turk, Dennis C. and Winter, Frits

Visualization for Change

Fanning, Patrick

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Kabat-Zinn, Jon

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