Why join?

By becoming a member of Pain BC, you will help in many ways:

  • Your membership fee supports the organization;
  • Your voice is heard at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Your name adds strength to the organization—our growing membership gives us more influence in the province.

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Membership counts

Pain BC is a non-profit organization that has been leading efforts to reduce the burden of pain on individuals, families, and communities in British Columbia. As a Pain BC member, you can join us in our efforts to transform how chronic pain is understood, treated, and managed in the province.

The Canadian health system is operating on an outdated understanding of pain. Growing awareness of the human and financial costs of chronic pain has catalyzed an international movement to address the needs of people living with pain. Pain BC is adding our voice to others around the world calling for increased recognition of pain and improved pain management.

Membership details

There are three tiers of membership:

  • Regular member: $15
  • Supporting member: $95
  • Sponsoring member: $265

Memberships are valid for the calendar year in which you pay your membership fee (Jan-Dec). To be able to vote at the AGM, you must have paid your membership fee for that calendar year (i.e. Jan-May, to attend the 2018 AGM). For any membership questions, please contact info@painbc.ca

What you'll get

  • Members can vote at the Annual General Meeting and participate in Pain BC's governance;
  • All membership contributions are eligible for tax receipts. You will receive a donation receipt by email; please keep this for income tax purposes;
  • Save time by signing up for Annual membership; this will automatically renew your membership every year and you'll receive a tax receipt each time.

Pain BC is an incorporated not-for-profit organization and a Registered Charity with Canada Revenue Agency (Charitable Registration Number: 83220 0422 RR0001).