Building Hope: the Way Through Pain to Self-Management and Recovery

Building Hope: The way through pain to self-management and recovery

This workshop was a webinar and occurred online. Click to watch the presentation.

This webinar featured Neil Pearson, a physiotherapist and pain educator. Neil spoke about how to build hope by working towards self-management and recovery based on some of the latest research on pain management.

This webinar provided:

  • An understanding of how neuroplasticity is important for people in pain
  • A chance to foster optimism that pain can be changed
  • A path you can follow to enhance your pain self-management abilities
  •  An opportunity for audience participation through online polls and moderated Q&A
Neil Pearson MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, CYT, RYT500

Neil is the owner and operator of Life is Now which provides physiotherapy and therapeutic yoga, develops pain self-management products, and provides workshops & continuing education for people in pain, healthcare professionals and yoga teachers throughout Canada, USA and internationally. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC, a physiotherapist and yoga therapist. He works exclusively with people with complex pain problems. Neil provides public education workshops for Pain BC, the Canadian Pain Coalition and the Arthritis Society. He teaches health care professionals and yoga therapists internationally and has created resources including an educational website, audio CDs and a DVD for people in pain. Neil is the founding Chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division and a member of the organization committee for the first Canadian Pain Summit taking place in April 2012.

Event Sponsors: 

This event was co-sponsored by CIRPD, Pain BC and The Canadian Pain Coalition.