Chronic Pain Self-Management: Past, Present and Future - Dr. Patrick McGowan Ph.D.

With Dr. McGowan's permission, hand-outs from his presentation are available for download.

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Pain is universal to human existence. One in five Canadians experiences chronic pain. On average, they wait two to five years before seeing a pain specialist. This webinar features Dr. Patrick McGowan, Associate Professor at the Centre of Aging at the University of Victoria. Dr. McGowan has been studying self-management programs for people with chronic diseases for many years. His expertise will provide an outline of where self-management came from, where it is now, and where we will be going in the future.

Dr. Patrick McGowan PhD

Patrick's research career over the last 18 years has mainly focused on several aspects of health education programs for persons experiencing chronic health conditions, especially self-management programs and strategies. He has been implementing and researching self-management programs relating to particular chronic health conditions such as chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and tuberculosis.

As well, he has been researching the feasibility, viability, acceptability and effectiveness of a general self-management program called the "Chronic Disease Self-Management Program" which is offered to persons experiencing any type of chronic health condition. This research is being conducted at the community level (including small aboriginal communities), and at the provincial, national, and international levels.

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This event was co-sponsored by Pain BC and the Canadian Institute for Relief of Pain and Disability as part of the "Chronic Pain: The Journey Forward" Webinar Series.

Date & Time: 
Feb 29 2012 - 2:00pm