The Pain Support Line is a volunteer-based telephone service that connects people in pain to resources that go beyond the doctor’s office. As a trained volunteer, you'll have direct impact on the lives of people in pain by providing a listening ear, reducing isolation, assisting our callers with access to health care services, housing, employment, income security, transportation, food security, education, recreation, and social services. You will also provide information about pain self-management and Pain BC resources and programs.

Pain Support Line Volunteer Role:

The overarching aim of the service is to alleviate the variety of stressors that impact people living with chronic pain, reduce social isolation and empower clients to take charge of their health. In this role, you will be assisting individuals and families, who live with chronic pain, to access health services, social services, housing, employment, income security, food security, education, child care, recreation by providing support and resources in collaboration with health care and social services providers. Assistance is provided via phone, email, or text from our Pain BC office located at 1508 West Broadway Ave, Room 320 in Vancouver.

We offer two tracks to this position:

  1. Front line volunteer position – your primary responsibility would be to respond to support line calls and emails, conduct intakes, assess client needs and schedule follow-ups, enter data from calls during or immediately after the call, and time permitting, conduct research on resources. This is an ideal position for those who have an interest in communicating with clients directly and enjoy interpersonal interactions.
  2. Researcher position – your primary responsibility would be to research available resources in various communities across British Columbia and to verify and expand Pain Support Line’s resource library as it specifically relates to supporting people living with pain. This is an ideal position if you want to have direct impact on people’s lives, but you don’t feel as comfortable or confident speaking with clients.

Read the full job description here.