#livingwithpain experiment


#livingwithpain: Let's Make Pain Visible

What’s it like to live with chronic pain? It’s often hard for those living with pain to explain, and even harder for someone without pain to understand. As part of National Pain Awareness Week in November, we want to shine a spotlight on chronic pain and raise awareness about this often invisible issue. So join us for our annual #livingwithpain experiment!

What's the #livingwithpain experiment all about?
During National Pain Awareness Week, you can join the experiment:

  1. Clip a clothespin to your ear for 1 hour (or as long as you last!)
  2. Take a selfie with the clothespin on your ear
  3. Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #livingwithpain to describe your experience.
  4. Challenge your friends and family to try the experiment too!

“I chose to do the @PainBC clothespin #livingwithpain experiment (yes, for a full hour). A lot of people #livingwithpain don't have that choice.”

Why a clothespin? That’s not #livingwithpain!
We know that putting a clothespin on your ear is not the same as having chronic pain, but we want people to understand just how distracting, frustrating, and debilitating even a tiny bit of pain can be. Using a clothespin on the ear is a common tool for training health care providers to help them understand pain, and it’s been proven to develop people’s compassion.

“My mother did the @PainBC experiment to learn what #livingwithpain is like. She wanted to take [the clothespin] off immediately, which made her realize how lucky she is that she can end the pain while I can't.”

Why raise awareness about pain? How does that help?
The more aware decision makers, researchers, health care authorities, and the public become about chronic pain, the more we can influence funding, policy changes, and improve services for people in pain.

“To support #PainBC and #PainAwarenessWeek I pinned a clothespin to my ear for 1 hour. My father has been living with chronic pain for 30+ years and I can't imagine the frustration that he and others go through on a daily basis… #livingwithpain

How can you join in?
During National Pain Awareness Week 2017, try the #livingwithpain experiment, then post your message and picture on social media. Or skip the clothespin and just share your story about what it’s like to live with chronic pain. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #livingwithpain to tag your post. Most importantly, encourage your friends and family to show their support by trying the experiment. You can also take a look at a collection of #livingwithpain posts from the 2016 #livingwithpain experiment on Storify.

Together, we can make pain visible!

Contact us at info@painbc.ca for more information.