Live Plan Be Virtual Book Club Launch!

We're excited to announce that at the end of September we will be launching a chronic pain story-focused virtual Book Club on the Live Plan Be Forum. This is your chance to read first-hand accounts, enjoy inspiring stories, and get useful advice about living well with chronic pain. You can then join a conversation about what you’ve read online with others living with pain, no matter where you're based.

"Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood." - John Green

The first book we’ve chosen for the Live Plan Be Book Club is Miracle in a Mill: Crushed Alive! by Paul Henczel, a father and husband from Abbotsford who had his life changed drastically when he was crushed by 12,000 pounds of wood in a horrific workplace accident. Paul was rescued after a period of unconsciousness and was rushed to the hospital with multiple severe injuries. He miraculously survived certain death to achieve what most would say was impossible, and went on to finish his university degree and inspire others through motivational speaking.

Paul will be on Pain Waves Radio on 28 September to talk about his experiences and how he has learned to live better despite chronic pain.  After that, he will be available to answer your questions about his experiences and overcoming many obstacles, in typed Q&A, on the Live Plan Be Forum. Not familiar with the Forum? The goal of the Forum is to provide people living with pain a safe, anonymous online space to connect, exchange ideas, learn from, and support one another in order to better manage chronic pain and improve quality of life. To join the Book Club, you’ll need to sign up for a free Live Plan Be account:

  1. Click “Create Account” in the top right-hand corner of 
  2. Follow the prompts and create your username and password (your username can be anything you like if you want to remain anonymous)
  3. Go to the Book Club discussion and start chatting!

If you want to join the conversation about Miracle in a Mill, you can buy Paul’s book on Amazon. Do you have suggestions about books for the Book Club? Send us a message at or post your ideas in the Book Club Forum Discussion