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Pain BC hosts a variety of events throughout the year to promote learning and raise awareness about chronic pain.

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Pain BC's Connect for Health Program

Pain BC funds Connect for Health so people in pain and their families get access to more support.

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Pain BC Toolbox

This is a great free resource to help people better manage their pain.

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Pain BC Brochures

Order Pain BC brochures for your office or clinic. We’ve created two comprehensive pain management resources.

Pain Champions

Looking for help in your area?

Pain Champions are health care providers who've completed Pain BC training and advocate for those in chronic pain.


Pain BC's Pain Waves Radio

Latest Show:

Over the Counter (OTC) Painkillers & Nutraceuticals - Get the Facts!
Shabita Teja talks about how OTC painkillers and nutraceuticals work and how to choose them.

About Pain BC

We have a shared passion for reducing the burden of pain and making positive change in the health care system in British Columbia.