Coaching for Health

Used in combination with traditional medical treatment, health coaching can help improve outcomes by getting patients more involved in their own health. Coaching for Health is a free telephone or video conference lay coaching program designed to help people living with pain learn self-management skills, regain function and improve their well-being.

Coaching for Health aims to assist primary care practitioners who are working with patients (18+yrs) who have a diagnosis of a chronic pain condition, or have been living with persistent pain for at least six months. Our volunteer coaches are trained in highly specialized coaching techniques that use transformative dialogue to empower people to change unhelpful health-related behaviours, and establish and sustain helpful ones.

Coaching has been shown to be effective when a patient needs help getting started with self-management or is stuck or unmotivated to change behaviours that impact their health. Coaches support patients for a 6-12 week period. An important feature of Coaching for Health is that sessions are driven by client needs and interests, rather than a one-size-fits-all curriculum. A central educational resource,, is used to inform each pain-related health topic of client interest.

Referrals to the program come from primary care providers.
Download the referral form here.
Fax referral form to to (888) 329-5702.

Primary care providers can refer a patient to the program: 

  • If the client is 18+ years old 
  • If the patient has a chronic pain diagnosis or has been living with stable persistent pain for 6+ months. If the time frame is shorter and the physician feels the patient is highly motivated to self-manage with a stable condition, the physician may refer the patient to the program
  • If the pain is interfering in the patient’s daily function in one or more domains: general activity, mood, walking ability, normal work, enjoyment of life, relationships with other people, and sleep. 
  • If the patient desires change but is unsure how to proceed or is stuck in old habits 
  • If the patient self-identifies as interested in self-management

Patients will be contacted within three days of the referral to set up the first appointment for an intake with the program.